Our Mission

To give young people the exciting experience of making their own short film, being proud of the result, and sharing it with the world and enjoying their praise.

Our Method

We make the young filmmaker’s ideas paramount. We give them the support and confidence to do as much as possible for themselves. And thus we enable them to tell their stories, their way.



We like masses of ideas. And we encourage young people to welcome each other’s contributions.



Everyone works together on a fun activity to shape their favourite ideas into their story.


Young people develop their outline into a script. Everyone is supported in making a contribution.


Small groups each make a part of the storyboard. You don’t have to be good at drawing.


Classroom? Local area? Or further if you have transport, or if we can get funding.


Borrow? Make? With funding we can provide a craft tutor or buy or hire props.



School uniform? Borrow? Make? With funding we can provide a tutor or buy or hire costume.



Do it yourself? With funding we can provide a tutor, even for special effects make-up.



Whether using iPads, camcorder, or the full professional kit, young people do it all.


Record Sound

Recording sound with a boom mic is fun and makes the experience more professional.


We can provide professional actors to take on adult roles and give acting lessons.



We encourage and support one or two young people to direct their film themselves.



We have some great ways to allow everyone to contribute to the challenging job of editing.


Sound Effects

Making or finding sound effects is one of the most fun and inclusive of filmmaking activities.


We have lots of free music. Or they can work with a professional musician to do their own.



A DVD with a cover that young people have designed makes the perfect keepsake.



A screening for friends and family is the perfect way to celebrate a great project.


Arts Award

We are an Awards Centre for any young people interested in qualification for their work.



Many of our young people’s films have won awards at national and international film festivals.


Publicity and Press

Many of our young people’s projects have gained great publicity, even to the national level.

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