St Luke’s Start Shooting Their Film

They worked as an efficient, tightly knit team to shoot…

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St Luke’s Production Design and Costume

It took a good hour today to choose and order…

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Index Card - Story Ideas by Students

St Luke’s Devise a Cracking Story

On inspiration from Hot Fuzz and Bugsy Malone, St Luke's…

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St Luke’s School Form A Film Crew

The crew started by making a short exercise to get…

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Tiberius reviews an edit with TLA Kyle

Tiberius Made a Short Thriller

In just two hours, Tiberius devised, shot, directed and edited…

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group of pupils pulling faces

Launceston College – See It Make It: Transitions by Into Film

Horror film by Launceston College for See It Make It:…

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The eponymous Other Girl looking malevolent

The Other Girl

International award nominated psychological horror

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