Education – How We Work

How we enable students to write, shoot, edit and showcase their films.


We like masses of ideas. Students work alone, or in groups, or as a whole class. We make sure everyone welcomes each other’s contributions.

When they work in groups, we often have them pitch their ideas to each other, as they do in the industry.


Everyone works together on a fun activity to shape their favourite ideas into their story. This can be done on whiteboard, paper, iPad or PC.


Sometimes one or two enthusiastic writers might do the first draft of the script, or even complete the entire thing.

Or everyone can work together: they can all make a contribution, and they can all enjoy authorship. Sometimes it’s nice to combine these methods.


A storyboard is a visual plan of the whole film. It helps think about image composition and how the film will be edited. But it can be challenging, so we don’t always do it.

Usually small groups each make a part of the storyboard. You don’t have to be good at drawing: we also use photos and clip art.

We also like to use comic software to make easier and more fun: Rite Of Passage Comic Storyboard


For convenience, films are often set in school or youth club, or in the grounds or surrounding area. Sometimes we take young people off site. This can really make your film something special.


Borrow? Make? With funding we can provide a craft tutor or buy or hire props.


School uniform? Borrow? Make? With funding we can provide a tutor or buy or hire costume.


Often staff and students are able to do their own make-up. But when we want something more ambitious, we bring in professional make-up artists and special effects make-up artists to do make-up and pass on skills to the young people.


Whether using iPads, camcorder, or the full professional kit, young people do it all.

Record Sound

Recording sound with a boom mic is fun and makes the experience more professional.


We can provide professional actors to take on adult roles and give acting lessons.


We encourage and support one or two young people to direct their film themselves.


We have some great ways to allow everyone to contribute to the challenging job of editing.

Sound Effects

Making or finding sound effects is one of the most fun and inclusive of filmmaking activities.


We have lots of free music students can choose from. But it’s much more fun for them if they create their own. We can teach them how to use music software or they can even work with a professional musician.


A DVD with a cover that young people have designed makes the perfect keepsake.


A screening for friends and family is the perfect way to celebrate a great project.

Arts Award

We are an Awards Centre for any young people interested in qualification for their work.


Many of our young people’s films have won awards at national and international film festivals.

Publicity and Press

Many of our young people’s projects have gained great publicity, even to the national level.