About Filmmaking in Education

Our Mission

To enable young people to tell their stories, their way.


To give young people the exciting experience of making their own film
To be proud of the result
To share it with the world
To gain praise (and sometimes even awards)

Our Method

We make the young filmmakers’ ideas paramount
We put the equipment in their hands
We give them creative and technical support
We build their confidence

The Outcomes

Young people are the authors of their films
They write, direct, shoot, edit …
They experience team working
They develop self-confidence and self-motivation


This short film shows how we enable young people to make great short films for themselves. We provide support and expertise to enable them to tell the story they want to, in the way they want to do it. In our projects the young people are in charge, and we are the mentors.

It is interesting to note that the young man narrating the early part of this film is now a professional lighting technician (gaffer), and the young woman is now a professional sound recordist and regular tutor on our projects.