Shoot Smart – Action Research Into iPad Filmmaking

Ideal Films was one of only four organisations in the UK to be selected to conduct a prestigious national action research project into iPad filmmaking in schools.

We did this project in close partnership with Evil Twin Artworks and in partnership with Oxford University Consulting.


1. A research paper

Bottling Inspiration: Shoot Smart Swindon Final Project Report, also downloadable from the Social Science Research Network.

2. Presentation

A presentation of our findings to a conference in London of the funders, other participating research organisations, and other stakeholders.

3. Three short films by diverse groups of young people:
a) Crowdys Hill School for young people with complex learning needs

(image to come)

Using iPads made filmmaking much more accessible

Using iPads made filmmaking much more accessible to these young people. Having a suite of 8 iPads meant that small groups could shoot individual scenes separately, which meant that the whole class was able to do some filming. Using Apple TV connected to the class projector meant that the groups could share and celebrate their work with each other.
You can read more about their project here: (link to come)

b) Commonweal School – a mixed group of mainstream students and students with physical impairments

(image to come)
There were some barriers to using iPads for some young people with certain physical impairments. But generally it was very successful. Using iPads worked particularly well in allowing the young people to easily shoot with multiple cameras.
You can read more about their project here: (link to come)

c) Lydiard Park Academy – a small group of talented young women

The eponymous Other Girl looking malevolent

nominated for an international award

This project was particularly successful, in that the iPads enabled the students to write, plan, shoot, manage and edit their film on one device. It also enabled them to shoot and do test edits as they went along. By plugging the iPad into a projector, they were able to edit their film together as a group.
This group were nominated for an international award.
You can read more about their project here: