Launceston College – See It Make It: Transitions by Into Film

12 Dec

group of pupils pulling faces
Launceston College Film Club very serious about their art.

Very interesting discussion on the ambiguity in Exciting Writing. Was it all in the girl’s imagination? Note the objects on the wall at the start of the film, Usual Suspects style. But then how did the boy know about it?

Some great discussion of transition, followed by filming some key experiences.

Discussion of genre. Decision to make a horror film. Possibly something about detention being run by a vampire teacher, and a new Y7 wandering through the many corridors in the big school lost, and then stumbling on something sinister…!

19 Dec

Great introduction to story structure.

Split into two groups and mind-map:



And then pitch:


Group 1: A tight action pitch. Following the 3-act structure perfectly.

Group 2: More complex. A thoughtful exploration of the theme using the genre.

Then a heated debate. Some compromises.

Homework: Get together and try to merge the two ideas into a tight action film that still explores the theme.

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