St Luke’s Devise a Cracking Story

3 May 2016: Session 3

We watched ‘Terminator Learning Assistant’ and ‘Clone Deactivated’ again. The students were pleased with some of what they had achieved, but were disappointed with others. It was good that they were able to watch critically.

We went over their genre ideas from last time. They had decided on doing an action film.

Still from Point Break
We watched the classic alley chase scene from Point Break and went through it shot by shot and worked out how they might have done it.

Still from Hot FuzzWe then watched the matching homage scene from Hot Fuzz, and talked a bit about homage and also how they might have done some of the shots.

Finally we watched ‘The Worst Movie Chase Scene Ever’ from YouTube.

After this they decided they wanted to make a spoof action film themselves.

So we got started on the index cards. They weren’t keen to write, so Keith scribed for them. There was such a flurry of ideas, it was hard for him to keep up! See image above.

They settled on the following outline story.

The Book Thieves

Sticky Fingers goes into the library and asks to borrow a book to take home.

The Librarian is horrified. “Take a book HOME!”

Fingers pleads that students need books.

Whilst they argue, Chicken Legs and another Robber sneak in and grab a load of books and make a run for it.

Fingers goes after them.

The Librarian shouts and presses a huge panic button.

A bunch of incompetent Security Guards bundle out of a cupboard, collapsing.

They all give chase.

They run through corridors and down stairs, through door and security gates.

The Security Guards shoot at the Robbers. (The gag being they just make the noise like kids, and complain like kids when the Robbers don’t fall down.)

The Robbers run into the woods and manage to lose the Librarian and his Security Guards. But Chicken Legs has been hit.

Fingers asks Legs if there is anything he can do. Legs say, ‘Make sure this kids get the books … and I would like some chips … one last time.’

Later Fingers brings Legs some chips. But Legs is bad. His short is covered in ketchup. Fingers is upset. He hands Legs a chip. He dips it in the ketchup, eats it, says, ‘Hmmm,’ appreciatively, then dies.

That’s the way it stands at the moment, anyway.

The next step is to buy some spoofy costume.