St Luke’s Production Design and Costume

It took a good hour today to choose and order just a couple of costumes! But that shows how determined they are to get their film just right. They’re discovering that comedy is a serious business. There was a lot of debate about exactly what costumes the characters should wear, and about how to source them the most economical way. There was also some debate about how different things were going to be done. For example, rather than use toy guns, which were quite expensive, they decided the security guards would just point their fingers in the way that child does. Their thinking is that this will be even funnier, especially if we put a muzzle flashes on the ends of their fingers in post production. For comic effect, they’ll still make the shooting noises themselves with their mouths recorded live.

They also finalised the casting today, asking me to play the role of The Librarian, and splitting the roles of the Robbers and the Security Guards between themselves. They also worked on some comic names for the Security Guard and the Robbers.


Finally, we had an in-depth discussion about whether the true nature of librarian should be revealed at the start of the film so that we understand who’s the villain and who’re the heroes; or whether the true nature of the librarian should be revealed at the end of the film. They unanimously decided on the latter. This meant that we had to think again about the opening scene, which we rewrote together by projecting Final Draft* on the whiteboard and talking through the action and dialogue.

(*Final Draft is the industry standard screenwriting software.)