Tiberius – Arts Award Portfolio

Tiberius – Bronze Arts Award Portfolio

Tiberius was supported by Keith Phillips, the project Arts Award Advisor for Ideal Films, and Geraldine King, his teacher at St Luke’s School. This portfolio was compiled by Keith Phillips using students original work.

This project was made possible by the generous support of our funders:

Into Film

Arts Award

Swindon Borough Council

part A: explore the arts as a participant (part 1)

Description of arts activity

First off I made a film on my own with my arts award advisor, Keith, and a TA, Kyle. We shot and edited on the iPad using iMovie.

Keith gave me the basic idea of a chase, and then I came up with the idea of a skit of a Terminator film, with Kyle being the Terminator. We were thinking sort of like betrayal. I wanted to survive the film, so I had to kill Keith!

We had to use different points of view so we could get the camera angle right to take the shot. We had to retake it multiple times till we got it the way the we wanted. We shot each shot and we looked at it. We edited in each shot as we did it and then watched it up to that point and then when we was happy with that shot, we moved on to the next one.

At the end we played it a couple of times to make sure it came together. When it did we added titles and music.

(scribed by Geraldine King)

Evidence of participation

Tiberius directing Kyle

Tiberius needed a shot of himself running down the stairs. Kyle shot it and Tiberius explained what he needed.

Tiberius shows Kyle an edit

Tiberius edited the film as he went along. Here he's showing Kyle how the shot they had just done fitted in with the rest.

Tiberius works out a shot with Kyle

Tiberius talked out one of the later shots with Kyle. This discussion helped him decide what to do.

part D: arts skills share


When I finished with TLA, other people joined the group, and I showed them how to use the iMovie program to use it when filming.

(scribed by Geraldine King)

At first, Tiberius was a bit reluctant to try to teach the rest of the group. He was unsure of his skills and teaching ability, but I persuaded him to give it a go. He wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it, but I coached him through it by reminding him at each stage what to show them next. He clearly did very well, since I didn’t have to give the rest of the team any more coaching after that – they just got on with making their film: The Book Thieves (see next section).

Evidence of activity

Tiberius Teaching iMovie

Tiberius explained how to shoot and edit using iMovie.

Tiberius Teaching iMovie

The iPad was plugged into the projector so the group could see what he was doing.

Tiberius Teaching iMovie

Tiberius Teaching iMovie

Tiberius answered questions from the group.

Reflection on how it went


part A: explore the arts as a participant (part 2)

Description of arts activity

After that we all came together. We had loads of sheets of paper and built off each other’s ideas to come up with the storyline for The Book Thieves.

We found some props off of Amazon and then we ordered what we wanted and they came to school and it came out of our budget. I don’t remember how much budget we had.

In the film I was one of the cops. I was “&”. There was three cops: “Ben”, “&”, “Jerry”!

I did a little bit of filming.

I didn’t see a lot of the editing.

(scribed by Geraldine King)

Evidence of participation

Planning the story

Tiberius is at the back in the red t-shirt and black jacket

The story written on index cards

Scribed by Arts Award Advisor

Filming the Security Guards

Tiberius is filming from the floor in the foreground

We arranged for the team to show their film at the local Cineworld to an audience made up of their teachers, family and friends. The event was attended by Sophie Critchlow, south-west representative of national film education charity Into Film.

It was also attended by the Swindon Advertiser, who wrote up a nice piece in their paper: Silver screen success for St Luke’s film makers.

We showed the film at Cineworld.

We all met up at the main area and we had free ice cream.

We all went into the cinema and there was two films: my one and the one we made together. At the end once it all finished we had to take a picture for the Swindon Advertiser. And then we got these bags with certificates, free tickets from Cineworld and a DVD with all the films on it.

(scribed by Geraldine King)

Sophie Critchlow from Into Film congratulates the students

Tiberius is standing nearest to her

Sophie presented the team with goody bags

Tiberius is at the back of the team on the left

The photo take by the Swindon Advertiser

Tiberius is at the back on the right

Evidence of development and a summary of what Tiberius learnt and how his skills improved

I never made a film before. I got this offer to do a film, and I said, “alright!”. The rest of the first group I was with, they were all messing around and they didn’t want to do it. I went off with Keith and Kyle to make a film. I didn’t want to just waste my time like the others – I really wanted to make a little film.

I improved in different areas. Filming and recording and editing. Up to a certain extent. I’m alright at editing on iMovie on the iPad, but I don’t find any interest in editing on the PC.

It was a bit better when we got the new group, we got more stuff done. We had a bit of fun, but at least we could concentrate and do more and we had better communication.

It was an experience. You either like it or you don’t. I do like it, but sometimes I get bored if I have to do it for a couple of hours. You have to get on with the people that you’re with. Otherwise you’ll have a bit fallout and not even make the film.

(scribed by Geraldine King)